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    Market-leading experts in the import and trade of
    High-quality pharmaceuticals.

Aram Pharma

Is committed to adding value to our partner’s products and focused on being the Iranian partner of choice for specialty pharmaceutical products.

We are maximising

The potential of our marketed products, leveraging our skilled sales and marketing teams and building on our strong customer relationships.

We are investing

In the training and development of our people, while hiring talented new employees to support our future growth plans.

What We Do

We import, market and sell the highest quality pharmaceuticals.
We deliver sustainable growth in the highly challenging and competitive pharmaceutical market.

Our History

Aram Pharamaceuticals was founded in 1993, by Dr. H. Akhavan. After a career spanning more than three decades in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Akhavan decided to use his experience to establish a pharmaceutical company that adhered to an ethos of registering and importing only the highest quality of pharmaceuticals for the Iranian market. Today, with more than five decades of experience, his goal has been reached and continuing. In line with the company's vision of being a leading pharmaceutical firm, we have selected highly qualified partners and experienced employees to manage the company’s operations. We have expert Pharmacists and Chemists working in our scientific research department, along with medical advisors and representatives.

Arampharma not only carries out registration, promoting, marketing and sales of pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, but our activities also extend to exportation of pharmaceuticals in Middle Eastern countries. The management of this distribution is conducted through state owned pharmaceutical product distribution companies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to import, market and sell the highest quality pharmaceuticals in the Iranian market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver sustainable growth in the highly challenging and competitive pharmaceutical market.

Import only the highest quality medicines, and make sure that they are affordable for everyone.

- Founder, Dr. H. Akhavan -

Our products and services

We import, market and sell the highest quality pharmaceuticals.
We deliver sustainable growth in the highly challenging and competitive pharmaceutical market.

Aram pharma, pharmapharmaceutical formulation


Aram Pharmaceuticals specializes in the import of high quality and unique finished dosage forms from North America and Europe into Iran. The range of our imports includes: Oncology medicine, Phytomedicine, and Nutraceuticals.

Aram Pharmaceutical Ingredient, Iran-Tehran


Aram Pharmaceutical is recognized as the pioneer of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) import in Iran with over five decades of experience in the Iranian Pharmaceutical industry. We are the exclusive agent of many top ranked API manufacturers from across the world.

Aram pharma Consultant Services

Consultant Services

Aram Pharmaceuticals works with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies to help create the foundations for future growth and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their current business operations in Iran. We help our clients become the future market leaders by focusing on the priorities that will make them agile and adaptable to attractive market opportunities, including:

  • Ensuring deal health with post-merger advice. Successful pharmaceutical companies avoid the pitfalls that can undercut an acquisition by tailoring the integration thesis to the deal thesis, integrating where it matters, acting quickly to create value for shareholders and setting a high-growth trajectory.
  • Enhancing innovation and clinical differentiation. Pharma companies can realize the full potential of their R&D and innovation capabilities by building portfolios that balance solid investments with riskier product development and source innovation from both internal and external sources.
  • Expanding beyond the core. As growth in core businesses begins to slow down, pharma companies may be tempted to consider adjacent markets for growth. Rather than follow the herd, leading players will identify and develop hidden assets in areas where they share customers, share costs or have overlapping capabilities.
  • Adopting cost-effective business models. Pharma companies need to change their business models to significantly increase their return on sales. A radical redesign of all processes with a zero-based budgeting approach can help change preconceived notions of how things have been done before.
  • Exploiting the true benefits of global scale while managing complexity. Industry consolidation has created massive scale across the value chain. Successful pharma companies will discriminate between functions where scale adds value versus where it reduces productivity and adds complexity.

Our Partners

Aram pharmaceutical, your trusted partner in iran.

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